How To Do Better In School This Upcoming Year. 😁😄😜😝😎🙌🙏✌

Whenever a school year ends, another one begins a few months after. If you’re like me, you’re always thinking of new ways you can do better in the upcoming year. Here are a few tips from my book:

(1) STOP PROCRASTINATING.;)         I’m a huge procrastinator. I remember once when I had an Information Technology assignment and it wasn’t due until a month. I ended up doing the assignment the day before the due date. I got 80%. Imagine if I used my time wisely, I could of probably gotten 100%. I’m not saying that you have to start the assignment the same day but start at an appropriate time. 👌

(2) STUDYING IS 🔑.                               I absolutely hate studying. For those of you who don’t know, I’m Jamaican and the school I attend requires me to do a test, project, etc, for each subject I do every month. So as you can see, it’s pretty hard to manage 14-17 subjects every month. The advice I can give you is to study in advance or just read over the notes to familiarize yourself with it. 📒📑📓📕📚📘📙

(3) COME TO SCHOOL EARLY🆗          I’m late for school everyday. I don’t feel like it’s really an issue because I realize that when I’m early I have nothing to do but when I’m late I get straight to the point. I’m still a good student. It’s not like I go to school and not do anything while I’m there because that would be different. 

(4) SPEND MORE TIME ON THE SUBJECTS YOU’RE WEAK IN NEXT YEAR. ⏰⌛⏳                                      My mom always says what I wrote above. I’m a math brain but not for science specifically physics. I’m always avoiding studying for physics because I can’t seem to grasp the concept but I want to do better next year. Just try to do better in you’re weak subjects next year. 

(5) START A STUDY GROUP👭👬👫👪📚 This might help you. Get friends that do well in the subjects you’re not doing so well in. The positive is that you might learn but the negative is that you might just end up talking for 2-3 hours but it’s always something to consider. 

(6) TRY DIFFERENT STUDYING TECHIQUES. 📚🎧 There is never one way of doing something. You don’t have to do the cliche way of studying which is in silence. I tried studying with music for a while and it helped but it won’t work for everyone. People say that if you listen to Mozart or Beethoven or any other person of the classical era, it opens up your brain. It won’t work for everyone but you can try and you can always research it. 

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We all know that when we get to college we realize a couple weeks or months later, that we made the wrong decision in choosing that specific college. 

Here are the things you should consider:

1) Location- Sometimes when we choose a college we only like it because of its rank. You should ensure that you know exactly where the college is situated and ask yourself if it’s a good neighborhood or not. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little research. 

2) Acceptance Rate- This might not be important to some of you but trust me, it is. Colleges like Harvard University only accepts 6% of there applicants. This means that for every hundred applicants only six of them get in. This is why they tell us to have our three categories of schools. Reach schools are the schools that are a long shot, match schools are a 50 50 chance of you getting in and safety schools are schools that you know you’re gonna get in no matter what. 

3) Weather- Most of us prefer to go to a school that is sunny more than snowy.  Sunny vs. Snowy. Both pictures from New York University. 

4) Scholarship- Not all of us have the last names Jobs or Gates. Our families might be going through some tough times and can’t pay our full tuition. It is very important to check if the college you’re considering gives scholarships to most of the students. 

5) Jobs and Internships- We might want to work our own money instead of our parents sending weekly allowances so we might need a job. All schools help to find you a job or internship but some more than others. 

6) Party Scene- This might not be your main concern but if you’re like me, you want to go to a school with balance. I want to go to a school where the students are intelligent and know how to let loose. 

7) Major- What am I going to study at college? This is what I’ve wanted to be since I was a little boy or girl but I prefer this major more than the other. This is our main objective at college. Some colleges are well-known for the sciences and some for business. You might look at the college you’ve been wanting to go to since you were in your youth but you quickly realize that you might feel more comfortable at another one. Luckily at college you can change you major as many times as you’d  like. 

8) Transportation- A lot of times our dorm room is on one side of the campus while or classes are on the another side so transportation is definitely important. 

9) Tuition- Schools like Columbia University has there tuition at almost $50,000. This is also tied with major. I might find a college that has 2 classes for my course and another one gives me 5 classes. The first one has a higher tuition and an Ivy League status but the second one is 5,000 less. I would choose the lower one so I don’t put my family in debt. 

10) Health and Safety- It is very important to know if you’re school has security guards patrolling the campus at night or to know that when you become sick you’re in good hands. 

11) Campus Food- Find out if the school you’re considering has good food and also get an appropriate meal plan. We’ve all heard about the freshman 15.

12) Campus Housing- Schools will never tell you that you’re dorm room might be infested with bugs, roaches, mice, etc. I’m sure no one wants to sleep in a room where there might be roaches sleeping until the covers with you. 

MY LIST IS FINALLY COMPLETE. If you need more information go on Niche does reports on every college in the USA. They also have students that write about they’re experience whether it was good or bad and they are updated everyday. It also gives you pictures, videos, notable alumni and everything that I just discussed and more. 

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How to be an outcast while still having friends.

Noone wants to be that boy or girl that sits in the corner afraid to socialize, that doesn’t talk to a lot of people and doesn’t have a lot of friends or any friends. 

Look guys, I’ve had experience with this. I don’t really like to be the centre of attention. To be honest it scares the bajesus outta me. When I started high school, I wasn’t really the outgoing person, I was really shy. Even though at the beginning of high school, no-one knew everyone and everyone was just trying to find their clique, the persons they’d make lifelong friends with, the persons they shared their deepest darkest secrets with or just a friend.

I’m not calling you a freak or socially awkward just like the girl in the picture above but if you’re trying to crawl out of your antisocial shell here are a few tips. :)😇

Tip #1: I know people always say the only way to get friends is by being the most popular person, the captain of the cheerleading team or the star athlete. WRONG❎ I cannot stress that enough. PLEASE DONT DO IT. You don’t want those type of friends in your life. If you’re not a sporty guy don’t join the football team and if you don’t feel comfortable with wearing short skirts or being tossed up in the air, don’t be a cheerleader. All I’m saying is if you want to make friends get a little bit out of your comfort zone but not too much, you don’t wanna be like this girl. 

If you’re like this girl, you’re gonna come home with a huge hangover and you’ll be doing the walk of shame. 😈

Tip #2: This taken from tip #1 about getting out of your comfort zone. Join some freaking clubs. One of the only ways to get friends is by joining a club. If you’re the science nerd, join the science club. You can learn a lot and get a few numbers. Don’t go to the club just so they can do your homework. Trust me we’ve all been there. Even if you only join one club, you’ve made some progress.

Tip #3: Tip #3 I think is the most important. DON’T BE WELL-KNOWN FOR DOING A BAD THING. By this I mean if you go to a party, lose your virginity, get pregnant, end up in the hospital, etc.  I know many of you wouldn’t do that but you’d be surprised at how many people do it just to make one friend. If you do it you’ll be on the front cover of your school’s newspaper entitled “GOOD GIRL GONE BAD .” You want people to know you exist but you don’t want that as your trademark. At school I have maybe 2 close friends and like 10 people are my companions out of the thousand people that go to my school. You do the math. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’d prefer to be the boy that does well at school, has one friend, get some scholastic trophies, get excepted into Columbia than the boy that has horrible grades, has thousands of friends, only gets sporting trophies and didn’t get accepted into any college. No offence to the cast of Accepted.

Last and final tip. Tip #4: Don’t just walk up to a table of people hanging out and laughing. Take it one step at a time. I’m sure there’s a kid at school besides you that eats lunch all by himself or herself in an empty seat in the middle of the cafeteria, or by the water fountain, in the bathroom stall, in the janitor’s closet or even in a ditch. Climb in the ditch and make a friend by saying 3 little words “Hello my name is…” well actually it’s four words but math doesn’t involve this particular equation. After you meet that one friend another one will come along and then you can have a triangle of antisocial awkwardness, isn’t that really the main goal. Ditch+ You + other awkward friend= 🔺 

This is my first post and I hope you learned a lot from this and get even one joke. I hope y’all are as quirky as I am. If you don’t know what quirky means there’s always google and don’t use a dictionary in fact burn the dictionary. That’s why man invented google.

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