How to be an outcast while still having friends.

Noone wants to be that boy or girl that sits in the corner afraid to socialize, that doesn’t talk to a lot of people and doesn’t have a lot of friends or any friends. 

Look guys, I’ve had experience with this. I don’t really like to be the centre of attention. To be honest it scares the bajesus outta me. When I started high school, I wasn’t really the outgoing person, I was really shy. Even though at the beginning of high school, no-one knew everyone and everyone was just trying to find their clique, the persons they’d make lifelong friends with, the persons they shared their deepest darkest secrets with or just a friend.

I’m not calling you a freak or socially awkward just like the girl in the picture above but if you’re trying to crawl out of your antisocial shell here are a few tips. :)😇

Tip #1: I know people always say the only way to get friends is by being the most popular person, the captain of the cheerleading team or the star athlete. WRONG❎ I cannot stress that enough. PLEASE DONT DO IT. You don’t want those type of friends in your life. If you’re not a sporty guy don’t join the football team and if you don’t feel comfortable with wearing short skirts or being tossed up in the air, don’t be a cheerleader. All I’m saying is if you want to make friends get a little bit out of your comfort zone but not too much, you don’t wanna be like this girl. 

If you’re like this girl, you’re gonna come home with a huge hangover and you’ll be doing the walk of shame. 😈

Tip #2: This taken from tip #1 about getting out of your comfort zone. Join some freaking clubs. One of the only ways to get friends is by joining a club. If you’re the science nerd, join the science club. You can learn a lot and get a few numbers. Don’t go to the club just so they can do your homework. Trust me we’ve all been there. Even if you only join one club, you’ve made some progress.

Tip #3: Tip #3 I think is the most important. DON’T BE WELL-KNOWN FOR DOING A BAD THING. By this I mean if you go to a party, lose your virginity, get pregnant, end up in the hospital, etc.  I know many of you wouldn’t do that but you’d be surprised at how many people do it just to make one friend. If you do it you’ll be on the front cover of your school’s newspaper entitled “GOOD GIRL GONE BAD .” You want people to know you exist but you don’t want that as your trademark. At school I have maybe 2 close friends and like 10 people are my companions out of the thousand people that go to my school. You do the math. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’d prefer to be the boy that does well at school, has one friend, get some scholastic trophies, get excepted into Columbia than the boy that has horrible grades, has thousands of friends, only gets sporting trophies and didn’t get accepted into any college. No offence to the cast of Accepted.

Last and final tip. Tip #4: Don’t just walk up to a table of people hanging out and laughing. Take it one step at a time. I’m sure there’s a kid at school besides you that eats lunch all by himself or herself in an empty seat in the middle of the cafeteria, or by the water fountain, in the bathroom stall, in the janitor’s closet or even in a ditch. Climb in the ditch and make a friend by saying 3 little words “Hello my name is…” well actually it’s four words but math doesn’t involve this particular equation. After you meet that one friend another one will come along and then you can have a triangle of antisocial awkwardness, isn’t that really the main goal. Ditch+ You + other awkward friend= 🔺 

This is my first post and I hope you learned a lot from this and get even one joke. I hope y’all are as quirky as I am. If you don’t know what quirky means there’s always google and don’t use a dictionary in fact burn the dictionary. That’s why man invented google.

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3 thoughts on “How to be an outcast while still having friends.

  1. Love this and I’m so proud of u Pj. You are talented with a great sense on humor. Very interesting and had me reading straight without lifting my head up. Keep up the good work and God bless you always. ROXSIE 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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